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Peggy's Playlists

Here are a few Spotify Playlists for your listening pleasure:

Latin Jazz Thursdays Here’s a taster selection of what to expect from our Latin Jazz Thursday sessions.
“Few musical influences that have played such a significant and consistent a role in jazz as those of Latin America. Cubop was the first revelation. It was the hip sound of 1950s New York, as migrant musicians from Cuba and Puerto Rico started playing with the bebop originators. Then, the sounds of samba and bossa nova entered the scene, and a new craze for bossa jazz took over”

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2hrs 33min

Blue Note Thursdays Here’s a taster selection of what to expect from our Blue Note Thursday sessions.
“Founded in 1939 by Alfred Lion, Blue Note Records is loved, respected, and revered as one of the most important record labels in the history of music. Blue Note Records are designed to serve the uncompromising expressions of hot jazz or swing. Direct and honest hot jazz is a way of feeling, a musical and social manifestation”

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2hrs 33min

Chip Wickham’s UK Jazz Playlist Our friend Chip has put together this delightful journey through one strand of UK jazz, featuring several artists who we’ve been lucky enough to host on the Peggy’s stage.

2hrs 22min

Soulful Peggy 

1hr 28min

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