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Artist enquiries

  • Artists interested in performing at Peggy’s should enter their details using the form below.
  • Please include links to YouTube or Vimeo, short description, press quotes, social media links. (If you have a higher profile on a particular platform, do let us know)
  • It’s so much easier to book artists with good quality video, and really important to have engaging images (or at least one). These should really be at least 1 MB. If you don’t have good promotional material we strongly advise you have some prepared before applying below as it is hard for us to book and promote performers without this. If you do have good quality images/video, but don’t already have these already available online, you can use a service like Dropbox to upload your images and provide us with a link. ( sign up for a free 2GB Dropbox basic account, and/or find out how to create a shareable a link to a folder or files you can then use on this form)
  • It’s useful to know if you’re planning a tour, or whether you are flexible with dates. (It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to fit you on one particular date, so please suggest several that could work)
  • If you’re applying for, or have secured funding, it’s also useful to know this, and the status of your application.
  • Usually, we program:
    Jazz on Thursdays & Saturdays
    Blues, Soul, Funk & World Music on Fridays,
    ‘New Generation Jazz’, Crossover/Fusion on Wednesdays,
    Jazz & Blues on Sunday afternoon,
    Folk & Contemporary Jazz on Sunday Evenings
  • We aim to have the program booked 4 months ahead.
  • We receive a lot of submissions, so please make everything as clear as possible, and include as much supporting information as possible. Please accept our apologies if we don’t get back to you.