Thursday Menu

Following are samples from our changing menu, using seasonal variations...

★ ☆ ★ ☆ "Manakeesh" ★ ☆ ★ ☆
Enjoyed for centuries in the Levant countries; Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. These are sometimes referred to as Middle Eastern small pizza.
Included in the ticket price is a choice of two of the following...

  • 'Lahma bi Ajeen'
    Spiced lamb and tomato
    (contains chilli)

  • 'Squeaky'
    Award-winning Halloumi cheese with tomato
    Vegetarian (contains milk & chilli)

  • 'Genie'
    Aubergine, za'atar*
    Vegan (contains sesame)
    *herb & spice mix from Palestine

  • 'Arabiata'
    Spicy tomato sauce, and olives
    Vegan (contains chilli)

  • 'Red Sea Island' (V)(CH)
    Spicy tomato sauce and a free range egg
    Vegetarian (contains chilli)

  • Roast pumpkin and fig with hummus*

  • Wild mushrooms with Tahini sauce*

*We offer these as a gluten free salad option too


★ ☆ ★ ☆ "Trio of Dips, Olives & Flatbread" ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Peggy’s Hummus (VG)(GF)
Homemade hummus using chickpeas, olive oil, and garlic with aromatic spices and Persian lime juice

Carrot & Harissa (VG)(GF)(Ch)
Sweet, earthy, spicy...nicey

Beetroot & Salted Lemon with Sun-dried Tomato (VG)(GF)

Olives (VG)(GF)(Ch)
Trio of olives marinated with chilli, garlic and Mediterranean herbs

Sourdough flatbread (VG/V)
Enjoy plain, or brushed with either
- Za’atar (VG) (S) (sesame seeds, herbs and spices)
- Sumac and Thyme (VG)
- Olive oil
- Hot butter

Lahma Bi Ajeen Pizza 400PxGenie Pizza 400Px