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Peggy's thursday Menu

We offer great value food & music tickets for Thursday nights (online only)

Buy either the ‘Meze Boards’ offer, or the ‘Manakeesh’ offer, and choose from the relevant menu below.

If you’ve booked an event sometime in advance, we may have updated the menu. Please check back here nearer the time. You can let us know your preference for vegan, vegetarian or meat options, but you’ll still be able to choose or change your mind on the night

meze board Menu

A delicious full platter with a selection of items from our full meze menu


Choose one of the three dishes below:

Imam Bayildi
Vegan, Gluten Free

The Imam swooned…

Slow baked aubergine with onion, tomato, dill, parsley and olive oil
Simple ingredients cooked slowly, you’ll see why he swooned

Contains: Belladonna family
Halloumi & Pea Fritters
Cyprus to Syria

Award winning Yorkshire squeaky cheese and garden pea fritters with fresh mint a hint of chilli

Contains: Chilli Pepper, Milk, Eggs, Belladonna family
Chicken Shawarma

Free range Chicken layered, sliced and warmly spiced

Contains: Chilli Pepper, Belladonna family

Your choice above will then come with all the following accompaniments:

Sourdough flatbread
Kamut wheat historically from Khorasan, Iran
Vegetarian, Vegan

Baked fresh to order using authentic Kamut flour which has a naturally low gluten content
Our flour is organic, grown locally and milled at the Tuxford windmill, Northern Nottinghamshire

Plain or enjoy brushed with either:
~Peggy’s blend of olive oil, sumac and thyme
~Olive oil
~Melted butter

Peggy’s Pickles
~ ~ ~

Seasonal vegetables in a sweet and hot liquor, pickled in house

Contains: Chilli Pepper, Belladonna family
Peggy’s Hummus
~ ~ ~
Vegan, Gluten Free

Homemade hummus with fresh lemon juice and Tahini

Contains: Sesame
Middle East and Europe
Vegan, Gluten Free

Trio of Olives marinated with chilli, Mediterranean herbs and garlic

Contains: Chilli Pepper, Belladonna family


Middle Eastern “Pizza”

Our take on a dish enjoyed for centuries in the Levant countries.
Made with our sourdough bread with traditional toppings, as well ones inspired by Peggy’s own menu


Choose from the following options:

Sage Derby Cheese
~ ~ ~

Spiced tomato base, with cheese and soused red onion

Contains: Milk
Red Sea Island
~ ~ ~

Harissa sauce and a free range egg

Contains: Chilli Pepper, Eggs
Lahma Bi Ajeen

Savoury flatbread with tomato and sweetly spiced minced lamb, served with mint yoghurt and Peggy’s Pickles.

Contains: Chilli Pepper, Gluten, Milk, Belladonna family
Lahma bi Ajeen

Sweetly spiced lamb & tomato topped flatbread

Contains: Chilli Pepper, Gluten, Belladonna family
Goats Cheese
~ ~ ~

Sourdough flatbread base with caramelised onion, local goats cheese and roasted kale

Contains: Milk
~ ~ ~

Aubergine, za’atar herb and spice mix, with tahini sauce

Contains: Gluten, Sesame