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What people are saying about Peggy’s skylight:

Peggy’s Skylight puts Nottingham on the International Jazz Circuit with world class food and drinks. Looking forward to being there again soon.

Jim Fletcher

Peggy’s Skylight is one of very few dedicated Jazz venues outside of London and we have been truly blessed by its presence here in Nottingham for the last year and a half. Not only has Peggy’s been dedicated to showcasing local, national and international Jazz in all its myriad forms, it has also done it in some style, in a sublime setting, ideal for both audience and musicians to fully appreciate beautiful and inspirational music. We would be absolutely gutted if we were to lose ‘Our Peggy’s’!

Mark Shotter

What would you say if I told you that there’s a jazz venue right here in the UK that can on a Saturday night (a Saturday night, for Gawd’s sake!) present a no-holds barred, unapologetically ‘old school’ acoustic quartet, playing straight-ahead bop-based stuff AND attract a full house of over 100, largely comprising people under FIFTY, not all of them die-hard jazz fans but each unashamedly enthusiastic about what they’re hearing?

And what would you say if I told you the club has fabulous acoustics, a well-planned out stage, a great sound system, a beautifully upkept grand piano, serves delicious food, has friendly, personable staff and, best of all, is run by a jazz-playing, musically-eclectic and highly affable host?

Peggy’s is a positive breath of fresh air, a place in which performers, policy, public and proprietor all magically coalesce to create something long overdue and well worth shouting about.

Simon Spillett

We love coming to Peggy’s and musicians love coming to Peggy’s. They tell us repeatedly that it is an amazing place to play. The Fabulous Dennis Rollins was overcome on his first appearance there telling us that Peggy’s was a special place. And we are delighted that he has been back! The music at Peggy’s is diverse and this in turn attracts people of all ages and from all parts of society come to Peggy’s. Nottingham has a proud heritage of top-quality music venues and now has a Jazz Club to rival any Capital City in the World.

The Spring of 2020 has been a heart-breaking time for so many people. Lockdown is alien to us, but does perhaps provide an opportunity to reflect on what is really important to us and what we want in our lives moving forward. Central to this for me, and I suspect many others, will be friends and community, music and creativity, and saving our planet. Peggy’s provides nourishment for our souls and we will need it dearly when we re-emerge.

Prof Richard Hubbard – Consultant Respiratory Medicine

Peggy’s Skylight is the Ronnie Scott’s of the north! Cut from the same cloth with the same love of the music and attention to detail that has made it an essential venue in any tour. Its that perfect mixture of professionally run venue by musicians who know the music and are invested in the culture they are trying to promote. Like Ronnie’s it has a perfect amphitheatre for the delivery of intimate and meaningful shows with a great sound system and professional backline. They take risks in programming exciting music and engage with much needed cross generational approach to jazz and jazz culture which is essential for the long term development of the music and musicians.

To give you a direct example of how good they are, they help touring bands like myself by opening the venue on a down night, just to help me coordinate a tour around the UK. Respect to them and the scene needs venues like this.

Chip Wickham

In the last two years Peggys Skylight has fast become a go-to place for music lovers in Nottingham. An artist-led venture, the ambience combined with a delicious food offer and top quality music, gives it a unique and irreplaceable quality to the city. Independent venues such as this are crucial to the arts, not only now, but in ensuring a future for the development and enjoyment of art and culture in the future.

With diversity and inclusion at its heart, Nottingham Arts Mela is proud to work with Peggys, and fully behind any initiative to support the venue through these difficult times.

Sooree Pillay, co-Artistic Director, Nottingham Arts Mela

In a short space of time, Peggy’s Skylight has become part of the city’s DNA – I have been amazed by how many people (way beyond my groups) know of it already and already love it or intend to go. It is a special place, where you feel immediately relaxed.

I took my young adults kids (21 & 18) to hear the Last Poets, and we had a great time. The food is truly wonderful, good value, and the staff are fun. All held together by Rachel & Paulus, who have in short created something rather special, that must not be lost at this time or any time in the future.

Kate Stoddart- Curator National Trust

Peggy’s is unique in the Midlands, and maybe the UK. Five nights a week of excellent quality jazz from international stars to local talent.

Kate Fletcher

One of the best venues for music in the country. Great crowd, really looking forward to returning when allowed.

Errol Linton

Peggy’s Skylight showed us a way to the stars and brought together a community to taste their ‘cornucopia of musical delights’ with original menu to match in a fabulous atmospheric venue affectionately dubbed ‘Ronnie Notts’. There would be a huge void in the E. Midlands musical scene if this breath of fresh air blew away to soon…Love and huge luck. We need you!

Su Ansell – Senior lecturer in film and media studies

Peggy’s Skylight is the breath of air Nottingham needed: a music-focussed, beautiful, central venue with fantastic sound and stage, wonderful staff, great food and drink and an incredible musical offering.

Promoting Acoustickle shows for 10+ years, Peggy’s is the ONLY venue we can recall helping us sell more tickets just off its reputation as a place to be.

Parisa Eliyon, Acoustickle

Our first visit to this unique venue in January in Nottingham was such a joyous uplifting experience. Fantastic ambience as we first entered. Great exotic food and wonderful jazz music from local and international artistes and musicians. Service was friendly and relaxed throughout the evening. We hope to return later in the year!

This place needs shielding!

Tony and Suzan Hyman

Peggy’s is a special place. In such a short space of time Peggy’s has become central to Nottingham’s social life, and a leading venue on the UK’s Jazz circuit. It is foremost a place to come to listen to top quality Jazz and world music, but the delicious Persian food and stunning cocktails and wine all add to the overall “Peggy’s experience”.

It is always an extraordinary night at Peggy’s.


In just over a year, Peggy’s Skylight has become an iconic venue in Nottingham, loved by musicians and music lovers alike. Calling Peggy’s a Jazz club does not do it justice. Not only has it given a platform to amazing local, national and international musicians from across the spectrum of jazz, hip hop, blues, roots and world music to thrill us with their creativity and integrity, as a music lover in my 50s it’s such a delight to listen to all these jewels in a venue that offers the warmest hospitality and delicious food and drink.

And because Peggy’s offers its stage and fabulous sound system to young and up and coming local musicians to play in a truly professional environment it really is becoming the heart and soul of our local music scene. It’s almost impossible to imagine Nottingham without Peggy’s.

Fred Paterson – Associate Professor, Sustainable Business, University of Derby

Nottingham you are so lucky.

Dom Pipkin

Peggy’s Skylight is a cause for celebration! Important to the region and our UK-wide jazz community, this venue provides vibrant programming of high quality music from world renowned artists, delivering to new audiences. It’s a big deal!!

Dennis Rollins, MBE

Click image to watch our interview with Dennis Rollins MBE & Velocity Trio

Sooree Pillay catches up with Dennis Rollins, Ross Stanley & Pedro Segundo, ahead of their performance at Peggy’s Skylight.
Discussing aspects of the band’s inception, musical relationships, and the importance of venues like Peggy’s for keeping music alive and moving forwards. Also, the musicians’ influences, and the future of jazz music and young musicians
Interview with Dennis Rollins MBE & Velocity Trio