Prof Richard Hubbard – Consultant Respiratory Medicine

We love coming to Peggy’s and musicians love coming to Peggy’s. They tell us repeatedly that it is an amazing place to play. The Fabulous Dennis Rollins was overcome on his first appearance there telling us that Peggy’s was a special place. And we are delighted that he has been back! The music at Peggy’s is diverse and this in turn attracts people of all ages and from all parts of society come to Peggy’s. Nottingham has a proud heritage of top-quality music venues and now has a Jazz Club to rival any Capital City in the World.

The Spring of 2020 has been a heart-breaking time for so many people. Lockdown is alien to us, but does perhaps provide an opportunity to reflect on what is really important to us and what we want in our lives moving forward. Central to this for me, and I suspect many others, will be friends and community, music and creativity, and saving our planet. Peggy’s provides nourishment for our souls and we will need it dearly when we re-emerge.