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Middle Eastern Pizzas
Enjoyed for centuries in the Levant countries; Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria

All served with salad, hummus, carrot and harissa dip, pickles and olives

  • Lahma bi Ajeen
    Spiced lamb and tomato
    (contains chilli)

  • 'Squeaky'
    Award-winning Halloumi cheese with tomato
    Vegetarian (contains milk & chilli)

  • 'Genie'
    Aubergine, za'atar*
    Vegan (contains sesame)
    *herb & spice mix popular around the Mediterranean

Meze Boards

  • Lamb Kofte Meze Board
    Minced lamb with garlic, onions, parsley, and saffron. Served with olives, hummus, pickles, yoghurt, and flatbread
    (contains chilli)

  • Halloumi Meze Board
    Award winning halloumi, pan fried, and served with olives, hummus, pickles, salad, and flatbread

  • Beetroot Falafel Meze Board
    Beetroot falafel served with olives, hummus, pickles, salad with a tahini dressing and flatbread
    Vegan (contains sesame)

HalloumiKofteLahma Bi Ajeen Pizza 400PxGenie Pizza 400Px