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Working with local suppliers in Nottinghamshire and sourcing the best ingredients; we are proud to present you with our meze of authentic flavours. Small dishes of joy so that you can try as little or as much as you like.

Don’t miss our daily Afternoon Teas from 2-5pm, on occasion with our resident pianist. Book to avoid any disappointment.



Duke Ellington and his Orchestra, Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong; just some of the greats that became known as The Jazz Ambassadors flew to the middle east in the 1960's. We traced their steps and wondered what they may have eaten on tour...

Origin - Khorason region of Iran

Flat Bread


Freshly made sourdough flat bread, baked on the premises using an ancient wheat originally from the Khorason region of Iran. Now grown in the UK, rolled and baked on stone giving an authentic texture and flavour. Award winning Kimberley Bell from Small Food Bakery has sourced our wheat and helped create our dough recipe. Enjoy simply on its own, brushed with melted butter or olive oil or with sumac and thyme.

Choose your bread to accompany a Meze style of small dishes

Origin - Lebanon

Lahma Bi Ajeen


Savoury flat bread with light and sweetly spiced minced lamb served with yoghurt and Peggy's pickles.

Origin - Turkey

Imam Bayildi (VG)


The Imam swooned...

Baked aubergine with onion, tomato, dill, parsley and olive oil. Simple ingredients cooked slowly, you'll see why he swooned.

Our Chateau Le Raz goes really well with this dish.

Origin - North Africa

Chermoula​ (VG)


A lemony mixture of spices rubbed , rolled and roasted Mediterranean or seasonal veg with onion, garlic and fresh herb.

Origin - Iran

Loobia Sabz Pollo


Layers of slow cooked lamb with green beans lightly spiced and laced through buttered basmati rice.

Origin - Iran

Duck with Pomegranate


Our take on the celebrated Fezanjoon - Gressingham Duck roasted and pulled with a pomegranate sauce and toasted walnuts.

A white wine pairing for this is the Pinot Gris 2015 Domaine Mader or if you prefer red, we'd recommend The Cruz de Alba 2015.

Origin - Iran

Persian rice (V)


Bejewelled with almonds, fruit and melted butter.

Origin - North Africa

Eggs in Harissa (V)


2 free range eggs baked in a seductively rich and spicy sauce.

Origin - Iran

Mast Esfenaj (V)


Yoghurt with wilted spinach, turmeric and garlic.

Origin - Middle East

Hummus (VG)


We have sourced the very best chickpeas and promise you a hummus like no other.

Origin - Cyprus

Halloumi Nation (V)


Toasted halloumi with roasted Peppers and chilli, sharp and warm sun dried barberries and tomatoes.

Served with pickles and a yoghurt dip with fresh mint

Origin - Peggy’s

Peggy's Pickles (VG)


Vegetables preserved in a sweet and hot liquor, pickled on the premises.

Origin - World flavours

Seasonal Salads (see board)

From £3.95

Shirazi Salad - £3.95
Green Salad with Persian lime dressing - £4.50
Carrot and green lentil - £4.95

Origin - World flavours

Cheese Platter (V)


A selection of 3 cheeses with Peggy's pickles. The perfect accompaniment to a fine wine.

Origin - World flavours

Fish Dishes

We source it fresh!

Please ask your server for the catch of the day.

To Follow

We make our own Persian ice cream with only the best fresh ingredients and no artificial colours or flavourings.

Origin - Iran

Rose water ice cream (V)


The rose is the national flower of Iran said to be originally from Persia and was introduced to the west by Alexander.

Origin - World flavours

A Selection of Ice creams (V)


Enjoy two scoops and mix and match from the following:

  • Cardamom and Orange flower (V)
  • Pistachio (V)
  • Almond (VG) made with coconut milk

Origin - Peggy’s

Peggy's Malt Teaser (V)


A very English affair. Round and creamy with the Umami flavour of malt. We serve this with our afternoon tea from 2 - 5pm every day except Sunday.

Origin - World flavours

A Selection of Sorbets (V)


Enjoy two scoops and mix and match from the following:

  • Persian lime
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon

Origin - World flavours

A selection of sweet pastries (V)


Please ask your server about our selection of sweet pastries and cakes baked fresh daily.

Origin - France

Dessert Wine Accompaniment


Dessert wine recommendation with our fragrant ice creams... Monbazillac 2013, Domaine de Grange Neuve (price per 100ml glass)