Fred Paterson – Associate Professor, Sustainable Business, University of Derby

In just over a year, Peggy’s Skylight has become an iconic venue in Nottingham, loved by musicians and music lovers alike. Calling Peggy’s a Jazz club does not do it justice. Not only has it given a platform to amazing local, national and international musicians from across the spectrum of jazz, hip hop, blues, roots and world music to thrill us with their creativity and integrity, as a music lover in my 50s it’s such a delight to listen to all these jewels in a venue that offers the warmest hospitality and delicious food and drink.

And because Peggy’s offers its stage and fabulous sound system to young and up and coming local musicians to play in a truly professional environment it really is becoming the heart and soul of our local music scene. It’s almost impossible to imagine Nottingham without Peggy’s.