The Face That Boils Itself /John Marriott / Lost Kind Words

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Wednesday 8th January 2020

8:00pm - 10:00pm

  • Seated dining from 7pm
  • Performance starts at 7:30pm
  • Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Meze Menu served until 9:30pm

9:30pm - The Face That Boils Itself | Double bass, singing saw, guitar, clarinet and vocals

Some say it's Woodland Folk from the ugly side of the hill. But we like to think of our songs as being tumid with lyrical ornament—luminescent in imagery and narrative —lovingly offering the listener a rope ladder to the subconscious clouds of unaware thought. However, occasionally, we get a glimpse of another more primitive and simplistic beauty from an audience's reaction.

8:30pm - John Marriott | As the lyrical half of the Little Typists, his last dozen or so songs have all made national radio. As a devoted un-fan of all things social media, he may as well not exist. You don't have to like it to like it; you may not like it at all.

7:30pm - Lost Kind Words | Harmony vocals and guitar. Acoustic Americana, Country and Folk


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