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Malika Collective [Jazz/Afrobeat/Groove]

Malika Collective [Jazz/Afrobeat/Groove]

2 Shows

DINING SHOW: performance 7-8:45pm (with interval)
Fully Seated
(ticket acts as table reservation)
Doors at 6pmwe will require your table by 9:30pm
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performance 10-11pm
Seated (ticket acts as table reservation) – some STANDING tickets available
Doors at 9:30pm
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Malika Collective

With roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of the London Jazz scene, Malika Collective has evolved into a dynamic ensemble, while drawing on a virtuosic cast of musicians who bring their own unique flavours to the mix, the core of the band features the formidable talents of Henry Lawry on keys, Nim Sadot on bass, and Jack Robson on drums and George Risk on guitar, along with the ethereal sounds of Johnny Woodham on trumpet and the soulful saxophone of Greg Sinclair.

The music of Malika Collective is a sonic tapestry woven through the backbone of an energetic groove featuring threads of intricately crafted melody. Traversing through unusual time signatures and rhythmical devices the music engages the listener with ease. Blending the electric sounds of synths and effects with the timeless elements of jazz improvisation and instrumentation, their music is a captivating fusion of old and new, tradition and innovation. Drawing inspiration from a vast spectrum of genres, Malika Collective fearlessly explores the sonic landscape, unloading influences from Blues, Rock, Afrobeat, Groove, Soul, Electronic, and Dance music. Each track is a sonic journey, a vibrant mosaic of sounds and textures that invites listeners to lose themselves in the music.



12 Jul 2024

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7-8:45pm – Dining Show (Doors at 6pm)

      • All seats are at a table or bar where you can order food and drink with table service.
      • Main seating area – You can request to be seated in ‘Billie’ (front of stage), ‘Dizzy’ (raked theatre), ‘Mingus’ (near piano) or ‘Duke’ (side wall) and we will do our best to allocate you to your preferred seats.
      • Window seating areas – you can request to be seated in ‘Ella’ (larger window area) or ‘Satchmo’ (smaller window area). Please note, a few of these seats have a slightly restricted view.
      • Though we can guarantee that you will have a table for the Dining Show, we cannot guarantee exactly where, as we do our best to fulfil all customers requirements.
      • If you are hoping to combine bookings with somebody else or join an existing booking then please let us know in advance as we cannot guarantee that changes to our table plan will be possible on the night.
      • You can view a seating plan here
      • Please see our ‘Full Dining’ menu

10-11pm – Later Show (Doors at 9:30pm)

      • Those dining with us should arrive as soon after 9:30pm as possible.
      • Please see our ‘Later Show’ menu


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