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February-March Program

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Interview – Juga-Naut

Peggy’s co-founder Rachel, in conversation with Juga-Naut. Multi-talented artist, emcee, producer and chef with an international following, Juga-Naut creates every aspect of his music himself from concept to final product. He combines exquisite lyricism, hardcore beats and authentic soul. He has a deep love for food, art, music and culture.

Recorded and edited by Martin Makowski

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Help us buy some time – please sign & share

Petition link here

Nottingham City Council are planning to sell the Peggy’s Skylight building at auction on the 23rd February 2023.  Business owners, Paul and Rachel have a lease for 10 years, and were only made aware of this action on 17th Nov, 2022.    Will a new landlord be good or bad for Peggy’s?

Paul and Rachel would like to purchase the property, “We want the Council to offer business owners a fair chance to raise funds to purchase the property themselves, in order to ensure that we can keep enjoying world class live music in the heart of Nottingham”.

Realistically they need more time to secure funding. So far the Council have refused to change their plans – we hope you will help to change their minds.

Peggy’s Skylight is unique in the UK, and well-loved by many. It is award winning (2021 ‘All-Party Parliamentary Award’ for Best Jazz Venue – UK); widely cited by many world-renowned musicians as one of their favourite UK venues, and quickly growing a reputation as a key destination venue in the Midlands.

Please recognise Peggy’s as an important cultural and community asset to the city, and allow the owners a reasonable period of 6 months to source funding.

Please sign now….