Jazz Venue Of The Year 2021

We are so very happy and proud to announce that Peggy’s has won ‘Jazz Venue Of The Year’ in the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Awards 2021!

Many congratulations to all the other worthy winners, and those shortlisted. We would like to offer our thanks and gratitude to the following, without whom this would not have been possible.

Arts Council England

The Cultural Recovery Fund from DCMS #HereForCulture (we really would not still be here without this!)

Music Venue Trust, whose support has been immense and invaluable

All our supporters who have been there from the beginning, and also those who gave us a lifeline in the form of crowdfunding, and donations for our livestream performances

Dennis Rollins MBE, our patron

All the musicians who have graced our stage, and spread their enthusiasm for Peggy’s far and wide.

Our talented team of staff that stayed the course and helped us diversify and adapt to the many changes we had to make.

Sooree Pillay, and all our friends and family.

We are blessed to have you alongside us and this award really belongs to all that help sail the good ship Peggy

Thank you, thank you, thank you



Culture Recovery Funding Support Announced

We’re overwhelmed, ecstatic and extremely grateful, not to mention relieved to have been awarded funding from the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, to support jobs, musicians & suppliers over the coming 6 months. Our heartfelt thanks go to Arts Council England for recognising and validating what we do in awarding the fund, and to Music Venue Trust, who have tirelessly supported us and many others through the application process.

We are so thankful for the support shown by you, our customers, many of who supported our crowdfunding, purchased gift vouchers, donated or credited ticket purchases for events which could not happen, bought T-shirts, watched livestreams & donated or ordered takeaway food. Your testimonials left on social media & beyond have really lifted our spirits, and formed a vital part of our successful bid for support.

Needless to say, Covid19 has presented a huge challenge to everyone, and there are no winners in this situation. We are mindful that there are many organisations and individuals who have not been so fortunate. However, it is important to recognise and be thankful for the positives, and we are fully committed to using these funds to not only survive, but also to improve our cultural offering moving forwards.

You can see more details of the support package in full for organisations accross England, using the hashtag #HereForCulture on social media


Our Covid Safety Policy

Peggy’s operations to prevent spread of Covid 19

We want to reassure you that we are taking every step known to us and possible to keep you and our staff safe. We hope that the following information will help you to feel more confident about venturing into town for your next unique experience in the safe and friendly sanctuary now commonly known as “Our Peggy’s”

Changes we have made and will continue to make to keep you safe

  • Staggered table bookings to avoid queueing. ‘Visit Nottingham’ has asked us all to keep left when we come into town. There will be markers outside and inside our building to help you maintain a safe distance
  • We will operate at half our usual capacity to space out tables and keep our customers at a safe distance
  • There will be hand sanitiser for you to use on arrival and available to you at any time
  • You will also have the opportunity to wash your hands in our facilities upstairs or in the ground floor accessible toilet
  • We have a fully functioning air ventilation system that allows fresh air in whilst taking the stale air out
  • Our staff will use face masks during service.
  • We will sanitize menus after every use
  • Where possible we will present your food and drinks on a small tray table next to your table for you to help yourself from. Please work with us to minimise contact. We will continue to serve you at your table in this manner
  • There will be no service at the bar which will minimise the need for movement around the venue
  • The Food Standards Agency states that it is very unlikely to catch Coronavirus from food. However our chefs will use PPE where appropriate and minimise contact with each other by reducing the number of Kitchen staff on duty at any one time
  • Only kitchen staff have access to the kitchen
  • We will continue to sanitise all surfaces that come into contact with hands; finger plates, doors, bannister rails, pillars. This will happen before your visit, during and straight after
  • Your table and chairs will be sanitised
  • Our bathrooms will also be sanitised at the same rate
  • The frequency of these operations will be monitored and checked by our management
  • We have a mirror on the stairs to avoid customers crossing past each other
  • We will encourage contactless payments (now up to £45 per transaction) to reduce handling cash
  • Our card reading machines and till screens will be sanitised before and after every use
  • Our musicians will also be distanced unless they are a family or touring unit
  • We have always asked our audience to keep noise to a minimum during a performance for the benefit of music lovers and in consideration of the band.
  • We will continue to look into and think about ways to keep us all safe alongside following the current Government guidelines

We do reserve the right to ask customers to leave the venue if their behaviour impacts on the safety of others, including our staff. We sincerely hope you understand our intentions. If you have any other suggestions or concerns please let us know. We wish to work on this together with you


Peggy’s highlights spiritual jazz flute Ethiopian funk

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Spiritual Jazz Flute: Chip Wickham | Ethiopian Funk Pioneer: Hailu Mergia

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Our daily bread

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Loobia sabzi polo

Layers of slow cooked lamb with green beans and tomato; lightly spiced and laced through turmeric rice. Served with a Shirazi salad garnish.

“I remembered eating rice, beans and tomato as a child growing up in Iran. When we returned to England I tried to replicate the dish. I collected books given to me on Persian food and read a book by comedian Shapi Khorsandi about her coming to the UK as a child. She described her mother making this dish with the lamb and the rice and the beans cooked in tomato and once she named it I went to look in the books I’d been given. There it was – Loobia Sabzi Polo. I made it, and made it again. I made it for parties and it kept coming out of the oven as people wanted more and more. I absolutely knew it had to be on Peggy’s menu. It is delicious and deeply satisfying. It doesn’t need a lot of meat, especially given the environmental climate, but it imparts a great flavour, the amino acids in the tomato tenderise the beans and the Lamb. Rice and beans together have long been known for their complimentary qualities. Ask any Caribbean or southern Indian cook. Turmeric is my addition giving an extra flavour and nutritious boost”


Yolanda Brown live at Peggy’s Skylight

Yolanda Brown at Peggy’s Skylight (September 2019) – A short film


Interview with Tank & The Bangas

Nottingham’s Kemet FM presenter Jackie P interviews New Orleans founder and lead vocalist Tarriona “tank” Ball.

Filmed throught their day at Peggy’s Skylight,Tarriona explains how a contest changed her life back in 2017.

Music by Tank and the Bangas
Filmed and edited by Dan Gordon using a single slr camera and a mobile phone.
Location, Peggys skylight bar and restaurant, Nottingham, UK