Our Covid Safety Policy

Peggy’s operations to prevent spread of Covid 19

We want to reassure you that we are still taking sensible measures to keep everyone safe, but we have now removed the requirement for our staff to wear facemasks during service. We hope that the following information will help you to stay confident about venturing into town for your next unique experience in the friendly sanctuary now commonly known as “Our Peggy’s”

Changes we have made and will continue to make to keep you safe

  • As of 3rd June 2021, we will no longer require anyone to wear facemasks in the venue.
  • To minimise queueing, we ask you to select an arrival time, so that customers don’t all arrive at once.
  • There will be hand sanitiser for you to use on arrival and available to you at any time
  • You will also have the opportunity to wash your hands in our facilities upstairs or in the ground floor accessible toilet
  • We have a fully functioning air ventilation system that allows fresh air in whilst taking the stale air out
  • We will sanitize menus after every use
  • There will be no service at the bar which will minimise the need for movement around the venue
  • The Food Standards Agency states that it is very unlikely to catch Coronavirus from food.
  • Only kitchen staff have access to the kitchen
  • We will continue to sanitise all surfaces that come into contact with hands; finger plates, doors, bannister rails, pillars. This will happen before your visit, during and straight after
  • Your table and chairs will be sanitised
  • Our bathrooms will also be sanitised at the same rate
  • The frequency of these operations will be monitored and checked by our management
  • We have a mirror on the stairs to avoid customers crossing past each other
  • We will encourage contactless payments (now up to £100 per transaction) to reduce handling cash
  • Our card reading machines and till screens will be sanitised before and after every use
  • We have always asked our audience to keep noise to a minimum during a performance for the benefit of music lovers and in consideration of the band.

We do reserve the right to ask customers to leave the venue if their behaviour impacts on the safety of others, including our staff. We sincerely hope you understand our intentions. If you have any other suggestions or concerns please let us know. We wish to work on this together with you